Driving tips

Top tips

1. Keep a safe distance from vehicle in front. Use the two second rule and four seconds in the wet
Only a fool breaks the two second rule
To can’t crash into a space

2. C.O.A.S.T
Concentrate – don’t be distracted
Observe – watch what is happening all around you
Anticipate – Be proactive not reactive
Space – leave enough space
Time -plan journey don’t rush

3. Check your vehicle – FLOWER
F- Fuel- enough for journey
L- lights and bulbs
O- Oil – check correct level
W- Water levels
E- Electrics – Battery, horn, wipers
R – Rubber  tyres, wipers

4. More investment means more danger
More paint on the road means more hazards
More signs mean more danger
More street lights more danger

5. Just because a speed limit is surrounded by a red circle does not mean it is a target. It’s a limit not a target. Adjust your speed accordingly to the conditions of road, weather and traffic.

6. Don’t be distracted. Never use a mobile phone while driving. Even changing a CD will affect your concentration. If you must use a phone use hands free, although this will still affect your focus.

7. Be safe and be seen. Use your lights when visibility worsens. Position yourself so you can be seen. Don’t get so close to a large vehicle that they cannot see you in their mirrors.

8. Park safely. Use recognised car parks and don’t leave belongings in view. Lock them away or take them with you. Park away from trollies and others cars where possible to avoid knocks.

9. Should you even drive?
Are you tired or under the influence of drink or drugs. Even some medications can affect your ability to drive. Don’t assume that you will be alright in the morning.

10. Take responsibility. You are now in charge of a lethal machine. Treat it with respect and respect other road users. Abide by the Highway Code and drive safely for life.

Please note that there is a new speed limit in Chirk. Make sure you check the road signs as you enter Chirk from both directions.


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