Driving on the road

As part of your driving I will take you on many different roads. We have what we call the nursery routes and intermediate routes. These help you build your confidence and composure. As a driver you must expect to deal with any situation and road type. Apart from the ‘test routes’ it is important to drive on every type of road including town , country, urban, dual carriageway, narrow roads, one way streets etc. A policy that I always have is when I don’t know an area is to drive around it. By taking roads I don’t know it helps me to learn new routes and shortcuts.
There are also many features and characteristics of roads that you may not encounter regularly.
The ‘hidden dip’ _ If you take the Selatyn road out of Oswestry heading towards to old racecourse you will see an excellent example of this. This is particularly dangerous when overtaking and not being aware of oncoming traffic.

Do you check  your tyres each week to ensure they are safe and legal?

Do you check your water and oil levels on a regular basis?

Have you considered a Pass Plus course? Do you worry about night or motorway driving? Do you want cheaper car insurance? Pass Plus is great for helping with those types of worries.


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